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Gevo, Inc. and Bye Energy, Inc. Sign Joint Market Development Agreement, Commence Initial Testing for Renewable Aviation Fuels
DENVER, Colorado – June 10, 2009 –Gevo, Inc. and Bye Energy, Inc. have signed a Joint Market Development Agreement, part of their ongoing cooperative effort to develop, evaluate and market biofuels for general aviation.

In addition to specific analysis of process and resulting fuel chemistry, the two companies have commenced static engine tests with a general aviation aircraft. The initial focus for the joint effort is a sustainable biomass-derived aviation gasoline for the general aviation market.

“We are excited to see our renewable hydrocarbon fuel perform successfully in test aircraft,” said David Glassner, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology for Gevo.

George Bye, Bye Energy CEO, echoed Dr. Glassner. “Gevo has done a superb, timely job in reaching these early critical milestones,” Bye said. “We are extremely pleased with the results thus far.”

About Bye Energy
Formed in 2008, Bye Energy is an integrator of alternative energy and renewable fuel technologies for business and general aviation. For more information about Bye Energy go to

About Gevo
Formed in 2005, Gevo is dedicated to bringing renewable, cost-effective alternatives for fossil fuels and chemicals to consumers worldwide. “Our goal is to meet the increasing demand for energy and chemicals while reducing our impact on the earth,” states CEO Dr. Patrick Gruber. Gevo will accomplish this by converting renewable resources into fuels and green chemicals. For more information about Gevo go to

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